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@sarahbahbah x MVMT

Femme fatale @sarahbahbah

What happens when 4 badass female artists, 1 iconic cinematic storyteller, and MVMT

meet up under 1 big Hollywood Hills clubhouse?


We plot to take over the world.


This Palestinian, Australian-raised artist has become

a global icon; her renowned work champions themes

of self-love, female indulgence, and empowerment.

Got nothing to lose, I run faster on empty.

Telling us to let go, saying the uprising ain't right, but this is for us, what do they know?

It's my life, do what I like.

I'm no man's fantasy.

We give them something to talk about.

These delicate hands turn empires to ruins.

Gahdamn, I'm the motherf*cking shit.

Now I'm standing on top of the world, look at me go.

I don't need you to love me. I love me.

Our femme fatales

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@karifaux. From Little Rock to Los Angeles, from slinging fast food to spitting hot rhymes, Kari Faux brings the complex flow of old-school '90s rap and updates it with poignant, oftentimes hilarious lyrics for the Internet age.

@wafiaa. Coming off a record-breaking year (garnering over 100 million song streams around the globe), Australian songstress Wafia is captivating the music world with her dreamy indie-pop sound.