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The Raptor Collection | Dressed to Kill | A double threat design that’s both radical and refined, built with a heavy-duty 46mm case construction and elevated by rich details. Command attention with a sport chronograph dial, a lifted, bolted bezel and a crown with knurling grip.

Date of Origin: Unknown | We were initially struck by its bold construction and intricate detailing…

Dark Star | Shop Now

Honey Smoke | Shop Now

Location of Excavation: Approximately 34.0522 N, 118.2437 W | To our delight, its condition had not been phased by the passage of time…

Sunflare Gold | Shop Now

Dune Taupe | Shop Now

Date of Discovery: August 2021 | Some fragments resembled that of a utilitarian-like machine, something preserved of the future…

Molten Black | Shop Now

Raptor Collection | Shop Now