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A Rory Kramer Vision

Rory Kramer x MVMT Signature Eyewear

Shot and Edited By: Evan Paterakis and Joseph Shaw. FPV: Danny McGee. Sound Design: Matt Connor. Song: Hot American Summer - The Dirty Rich. For years, it's been an epic journey experiencing the world through Rory Kramer's camera lens. Now we're stoked to bring you the world through his new signature sunglass lenses. The Rory Kramer Vision Signature Shades feature our first ever flip up lenses so you can get the best of both worlds. The exclusive design features 100% UV protection sunglass lenses that flip up into Everscroll(tm) blue light filtering lenses for the ultimate versatility x functionality experience. Now you can live every day Rory Kramer style: one lens ready to take on the outdoors, the other ready to take on the workday, and always the life of the party. "I hope this collab allows others to be themselves and have fun through a pair of shades." -Rory Kramer

Rory Kramer Vision Signature Shades

100% UV Protection, Anti-scratch, Anti-glare, Blue Light Filtering, Hinged Lenses, Premium Stainless Steel