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What does it mean to leave your legacy?

In honor of our new hustle-inspired Legacy Slim Collection, we had rising entrepreneurs pick their favorite watch from the line and asked them what it took to carve their own path.

Meet Steven Borrelli

Cuts. Steven Borrelli. Founder & CEO of Cuts Clothing. IG: @stevenborrelli @cuts. Steven Borrelli is the epitome of a young and hungry entrepreneur who inspires us. CEO of men's apparel brand Cuts Clothing and a close friend of MVMT, Steven made his mark by scaling a Kickstarter campaign into a million dollar business. His mission at Cuts is to design men's clothes that celebrate the on-the-go lifestyle of ambitious modern day professionals. "When you die, you don't get to bring anything with you. Leaving a legacy is super important to me. We want to create life value for everyone. We want people to have Cuts on their resume to say, 'Damn, they worked at Cuts.' And to do that, it takes trailblazing and doing things that are harder and against the norm. That's all part of building a legacy." -Steven Borrelli

Meet Demi Marchese

Demi Marchese. 12th Tribe. IG: @demimarchese @shop12thtribe. From styling girls in Whole Foods parking lots and living rooms to running her own multi-million dollar business, Demi is the definition of a self-starter and self-made success story. CEO of women's apparel brand 12th Tribe and a close friend of MVMT, Demi's boutique clothing company brings you designs inspired by her travels from countries all around the globe. "Leaving a Legacy is extremely important to me with this brand. The reason I started it was to bring a community together of different types of women from all around the world. That's what Tribe means in 12th Tribe. It's a family and like-minded community of all different types of people that come together under one mission." -Demi Marchese

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