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Don't just tell time. Make the most of it. How we do time. 24:00:00 Song: Laf - "Vibe" ( Those who inspire us the most are the ones who understand the value of every moment. Those who explore, chase, create and live boundlessly. In this spirit, we've asked our MVMT fam to showcase how they make the most of their time. We hope this inspires you to ask yourself - If you had one day left, how would you do time? #HowWeDoTime

Matt Komo

The man. The myth. The backflipping legend. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Matt Komo's videos are worth too many to count. From the tops of light-streaked cityscapes to the brushes of wild landscapes to everywhere in between, his storytelling not only has the ability to transport you, but to capture the feeling of a fleeting moment. At 24 years young, Matt has had quite the professional career. He's GoPro's former head of content. He's a self-made YouTube sensation. And he's shot music videos for the likes of the Chainsmokers and MTV. Above all, Matt embodies the spirit of everything MVMT stands for - he's ambitious, he's inspired, and he chooses to live everyday on his own terms.

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