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BIO: Business prowess runs in Tiana Haraguchi’s blood. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, the East Coast native grew up watching her parents build businesses, fascinated by the idea of someday building her own. This led Tiana to leave behind her corporate career in finance at 24-years-young to spearhead her first startup, Boutikey, a mobile app that brings the boutique shopping experience online. It was during her time collaborating with influencers to expand Boutikey when Tiana saw her niche opportunity as an entrepreneur in the social media space. Enter: FORAY Collective, a community that connects the top influencers and brands around the world as one experiential agency and marketplace. As Co-Founder and CEO, Tiana helped raise FORAY’s first round of venture funding of $1M, shattering a glass ceiling of her own as female-founded companies had only received 2.2% of all venture-backed capital that year.

WHAT MOVES YOU?: “Passionate people! This type of energy is contagious, whether it comes from other members of my team, mentors or role models. I get excited to go to work every day knowing my passion is driving the opportunity to build something revolutionary.”

QUOTE: “There is no such thing as luck. Hard work and resilience are the keys to success.”