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BIO: Whoever said rock ‘n roll was dead clearly never went on tour with Jeremiah Davis. He’s only 26, but the concert, travel, brand & lifestyle videographer has spent his young adulthood traveling the world, capturing exactly what it means to grab life by the mic stand. His repertoire includes tour videography work for G-Eazy, music video + tour videography work for The Chainsmokers, and a long list filled with projects for the likes of Red Bull, MTV, Uber, Snapchat, and MVMT. Recognized globally by his Instagram persona That One Blond Kid (@thatoneblondkid), Jeremiah has garnered an audience of almost 100,000 strong through his contagious pursuit of adventure, relentless hustle, and epic visual storytelling.

WHAT MOVES YOU?: “Experiencing unique things and giving people something worth reacting to.”

QUOTE: “Start that thing you've wanted to do after reading this.”