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BIO: Whether it be a viral graphic you stumbled upon on your Instagram Explore page or a funky mural in New York, we can pretty much guarantee you’ve seen Samantha Rothenberg’s art before. The Brooklyn based Fine Art scholar-turned-illustrator and entrepreneur — widely known by her artist alter-ego, Violet Clair — has taken her place as one of the most buzzed about comic artists out there. Her brand turns relatable content aimed at millennial women into eye-catching art pieces, most famously her webcomics. Known for their whimsical designs and approachable satire, Samantha’s webcomics have become highly shareable gems for millennial women around the world. Along with her branded greeting cards company, her art has made its way to colorful murals in Williamsburg to LA. Their vibrant facades and messages of positivity have cemented them as iconic Instagrammable destinations for both locals and tourists alike.

WHAT MOVES YOU?: "In recent months, I've asked my followers to submit their stories to me, and those have been greatly impacting my work!"

QUOTE: “Go after your dreams with an enthusiasm and belief in yourself that borders on delusional.”