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BIO: If less is more, then Kim Rose has subtlety down to an art form. Painter, sculptor, drawer, photographer, designer, and at-large fine art artist, the 23-year-old California native’s command of minimalist expression effortlessly traverses mediums in true Renaissance fashion. From drawings that tell stories of femininity and mystique in 3 lines or less, to marble work that manifests a naturalistic tranquility through tone and connection, Kim has cemented herself as a global multidisciplinary force, her art being sold all over the world. Her art has recently expanded into philanthropy — her latest project, Mission Marisol, has raised over $50,000 to aid struggling orphanages and uplift humane organizations throughout Mexico.

WHAT MOVES YOU?: “My mom was my biggest inspiration. She always allowed me to create, and taught me the importance of community.”

QUOTE: “Currently gathering an army of angels to turn the wounds of this world into wildflowers.”