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BIO: Why stop at going for gold when you can do it all? That’s the story of Calvyn Justus for you. He’s an Olympic swimmer, an emerging photographer and videographer, a signed model, and even runs his own certified workout training program, all at the ripe age of 22. A South African native and inspired globetrotter, Calvyn embodies all the right depths of determination and artistry needed to become the ultimate Renaissance man. He’s ambitious. He’s wise for his age. And his passion for storytelling while also pursuing a career as a world-class athlete leaves us asking — ‘What can’t he do?’ We can’t wait to see.

WHAT MOVES YOU?: “Unique perspectives and interpretations inspire me. I love seeing new things and constantly pushing the boundaries to create and share my interpretations of different feelings, places and people.”

QUOTE: "Stay hungry, stay foolish.”