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BIO: Established in 2016, M.P.A.C.T has curated over 20 events in Los Angeles, Houston & New Orleans. Founded by actors & models Brittany Batchelder (C.E.O.) & Kelli Rasmus (C.O.O.), both these Houston natives have implemented their southern hospitality to the event production world. Their mission is to showcase and connect creatives in various art areas to industry leaders and their communities.

WHAT MOVES YOU?: “We are inspired by all the dope women who have paved the way. The risk-takers and dreamers. It is important to us that the generation of girls to follow has leaders to look up to as well.”

QUOTE: “Dare to dream. Create a well thought out plan. Execute that plan and NEVER give up. Ever. It is better to die trying than to live in regret.”