Hola! This is

Caits Meissner

She is a writer, multi disciplinary storyteller
and arts educator. Her website is currently
under redesign.
In the meantime,
here are some fun facts about Caits:

The Letter All Your Friends Have Written You, her collaborative poetry book with poet Tishon, is available on the Well&Often imprint. She is also an editor for the press and curates their blog.

You may have read about her well-received poetry/music EP, the wolf & me, on music websites such as Okayplayer.com, but why don't you listen for yourself here? It is also available by searching iTunes.

Caits also produces the web documentary series The Livingroom Sessions, which creates intimate portraits of independent artists in their home spaces. She does this, as well as graphic design work, under the moniker A Love Supreme Production.

She has done a lot of other things, like collaborations and education work, which you can read about in full length here. She’s been really into the color salmon.

Caits actively updates these places:

tumblr & twitter

Direct email to Caits at caits(at)mvmt.com.